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Boost your Health and Happiness

From fatigue and exhaustion, significant blood pressure reductions to establishing a healthier balance between their body and brain, Flotation therapy promotes peace, tranquillity & wellbeing.

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Peace, Tranquillity & Wellbeing

With the mind at peace, free from the usual overload of sensory information to process we can achieve higher levels of consciousness, expanded learning potential, visualise our inner creativity and find unprecedented levels of mental focus.

Improving Sleep

Floating each week restores and refreshes the senses, leaving one rested, relaxed and sleeping well.

Stress Relief

Floating therapy is an an antidote to stress, thanks to it providing a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace.

Increase Your Focus

Improve your focus and concentration, and experience clearer and more precise thinking.

Absolutely wonderful experience, I'm refreshed and pumped for my week, great to start my Monday with a float. Awesome customer service A++


Flotation Benefits

Float tank therapy, also known as Floatation Therapy and Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST) promotes Peace, tranquillity & wellbeing. The float tank environment triggers your body’s natural relaxation response.

Refresh your Mind

Enter a super-relaxed theta brainwave (lucid dream/meditation) state

Deeply Relax

Flotation therapy removes the feeling of gravity on the body, reducing stress on the back, hips and joints

Experience Calm

Experience that deep feeling of calm like just before you drift off to sleep

Enhance your Creativity

Float to enhance your creativity, improve your focus and to revitalise your mind, body and soul

Immensely Pleasurable

The health benefits aside, Flotation therapy is a immensely pleasurable experience


Connect with your inner self and allow you embark on a journey of self-discovery

Flotation Therapy Does Wonders for Your Body

The researched benefits of Flotation Therapy on this body are extensive. From significant blood pressure reductions to establishing a healthier balance between their body and brain, Flotation therapy promotes peace, tranquillity & wellbeing.

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Preventing Stress-Related Illnesses

Stress-related symptoms include fatigue, burnout syndrome and gastric complaints. Recovering from and/or preventing stress-related illnesses can be accomplished using the physiological process of relieving the stress reaction, known as the ‘relaxation response’.

The relaxation response is the opposite of the “fight-or-flight” response. Sadly, many people find it difficult to engage in relaxation exercises that generate this deep relaxation. One effective method is using flotation tanks where all incoming stimuli are reduced to a minimum.

Flotation therapy is a well-developed and scientifically proved method used to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and to increase optimism and sleep quality.

Pure Zen Flotation Pricing

For frequent floaters and those using float therapy to manage a health condition we recommend becoming a member at Pure Zen. You get heavily discounted prices and other perks like being able to book further in to the future than regular clients to avoid missing their favourite session times. Packages can be transferred to family and friends.

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  • $75 Per Session

  • Single Float session

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3 Floats


  • $60 Per Session

  • 3 Float Package

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6 Floats
Health Package


  • $56 Per Session

  • 6 Float Package

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10 Floats
Ultimate Package


  • $49.5 Per Session

  • 10 Float Package

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Boost your Health

Float from just $50 per week

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First ever Float. You lose track of time and have an almost out of body experience. Definitely Recommend.

david Q

Always friendly and prompt service. The float tanks are fantastic and the rooms are always well cleaned. The chill zone is a brilliant way to finish before rejoining the rest of the world. All round top service.

Emma J

Lovely staff, clean & relaxing premises. Can't wait to float again. Highly recommended!

Julie P

What an amazing experience...... absolutely recommended to all who have never tried flotation before. I had an incredible sleep that night, not that I have trouble sleeping, but slept around 10 hours.


Absolutely wonderful experience, im refreshed and pumped for my week, great to start my Monday with a float. Awesome customer service A++


I'm a race car driver and after a big roll over i needed relief from muscular damage and a fractured rib i must say i was very skeptical before my first flotation but gee i was wrong.
The relief it gave me was huge i was feeling so much better after my first session and quickly booked in a few more pure zen was instrumental in getting back to work and back on track I cant thank them enough was so glad i took the plunge and done it


Amazing premises, float rooms are clean with up to date fittings. Overall atmosphere is calming and relaxing with a very inviting area to unwind in after floats. Staff are second to none they are attentive and friendly always looking out for the best interests of the customers. I would definitely recommend Pure Zen Floatation in Phillip to anyone who would like to try floating for the very first time.